Tops MCO Software Tools That Support Work From Home

Since Malaysia Government announce full lockdown started from 1 June Onwards, many company are forced to lockdown from this period, however is there any solution for allowing you to perform WORK FROM HOME meanwhile maintain your company workload process? It is not going to by simply giving your employee “stay at home” but “work at home”. Many people said that it might not be easy but after you read this article. You may find some useful MCO software by allowing your company model transfer from localize to cloud.

Many company are still confusing about cloud services, or how should we put in, it is essential to having cloud services? People keep saying cloud services but do I really need one?

So what is a cloud services? It is not a cloud in the sky, but it is a online/web platform by allowing you to store data and process in there. While storing on cloud, it mean that it is accessible by many people and any location from the same time. While company can create an environment for having employee to work and discussion together through cloud services.

So, is there any program or cloud software by allowing you to do so? There are several cloud software that supporting many of your company daily basis. Let’s get into details.


We know that Sage UBS Accounting for a long time, but Sage Business Cloud Accounting Software? It is an online accounting software that allowing one company to perform accounting and banking solution in there. It module including multicurrency, SST compliance, Bank reconciliation and many more. Your company accountant may rest assure by storing all your accounting document in cloud instead of keeping many paperwork. Meanwhile, it is a cloud accounting software, which means that company’s boss may check their company account and finance anywhere and anytime even from overseas with a simple login and go.

Click here to learn more about Sage Business Cloud Accounting Software.


Remote computer solution is a simple and easy solution with a one and only single requirement – which it required a WiFi connection. It is not that hard right? Remote Computer Solution is easy for your employee by allowing them to remote access, from their house PC, with a internet connection, connect to company PC and control it. Which means that your employee is not required to carry back their heavy desktop PC during MCO period. Meanwhile, with remote computer solution, file in office PC is sully accessible by employee. Your employee no longer need to copy their file in to USB in the last minute before MCO. Remote Computer solution is a relatively low cost solution which is mostly affordable for most of the SMEs.

Click here to learn more about Remote Computer Solution.


Many of the boss doesn’t like about MCO. First they come out with “How to make sure my employee work?” Well no worries, We have iFLEXiHRMS iClock solution which is a mobile attendance devices allowing your employee to clock their attendance through mobile. Well it is not mainly covered for MCO used, it can be suit for on site employee, overseas working, business travelling and many more conditions. However mobile clocking software still works for MCO Work From Home solution. Your employee may clock their attendance through iFLEXiHRMS i-Clock mobile solution.

Do you know more about MCO WORK FROM HOME solution? Let us know and contact us about your MCO enquiries!

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