The Best Accounting Software for Malaysia SMEs, Simple and Easy with Sage UBS

Accounting is an essential measurement and financial communication to a business, it including for processing, analyzing, summarizing and reporting. A company is able to collect accounting information to foresee its future and making the right decision.

Every company whether a company from Malaysia, Singapore, China, United Kingdom, United State and even throughout the world, require to perform and record transaction between customer, supplier and partners. However, a large transaction of accounting transaction is difficult to me manage by a single person or department by manually key in data entry. Therefore, there are many company tend to find an accounting solution or an accounting software.

Nowadays, there are many accounting software whether it is accounting software or cloud accounting software. But as a company for searching for accounting software solution, do you know which is the accounting software is the best suit to you?

Sage UBS accounting software focus on growing your business with the latest features form the Newer and Better Sage UBS, it had been offering localized accounting solution that suit to Malaysia rule and regulations. Sage UBS accounting software had lead the industry for several years and it gain the name of Frost & Sullivan 2019 Malaysia Financial Accounting Software Vendor of the year.

However, why Sage UBS accounting software is compatible to the other accounting software?

Sage UBS accounting software redesigned the product of simplicity. It had been easier to process accounting and user friendly. It is easy for report generation and presentation for financial period.

Advantages of using Sage UBS accounting software

Why Sage UBS accounting software is better than the other accounting software in the market?

  1. Flexibility

With Sage UBS Accounting Software, company user (accountant) is able to update their journal entry anytime anywhere.

  • Trust

Sage UBS Accounting Software had been listed in Malaysia more than 10 years. It had been trusted by 500+ companies.

  • Simplicity

The accounting software has a wizard system to help non accountant background employee to perform their double entry easily. The user friendly accounting software is the best solution for company who try to perform accounting transaction themselves.

  • Report Center

Report Center is a new feature from Sage UBS Accounting Software by allowing you to customize professional presentable report.

  • Mobile License

Sage UBS Accounting Software is suitable for MCO solution as it is able to check out the license code from office PC and reinstalled in personal PC (work at home)

How to purchase Sage UBS Accounting Software?

You are able to contact our team via +607-360 6681 or sent your enquiry here!

For returning Sage UBS accounting software user, here are some Sage UBS accounting software guideline:

Check valid Sage UBS Accounting software license:

Renew Sage Cover guide:

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