SPECIAL BUNDLE Promotion package for lapsed customer for than 4 years – Relicense UBS with workspace

For UBS Customers that have lapsed over 4 years, you are entitled to bundle pricing when relicensing your UBS License along with Access Workspace and CSP (Customer Support Plan by Access)

Bundle Promotion as follows:

UBS ProductLicense SP (RM)Promotion Price with Access Workspace (RM)
Access UBS Accounting + Billing1,6501,084
Access UBS Inventory + Billing1,8501,084
Access UBS Payroll 15500796.5
Access UBS Payroll 301,000911.5
Access UBS Payroll 601,5001,141.5
Access UBS Payroll 1002,0001,256.5
Access UBS Payroll 1502,5001,314
Access UBS Payroll Premium3,0001,371.5

Promotion conditions:

  • Applicable to customers whose Access Cover has expired more than 4 years from the date of expiry on the license certificate
  • Partners will receive a one-time referral fee for every unit sold per the table above
  • Promotional package includes support plan for both UBS and Workspace
  • Price listed above is for single license calculation
  • Promotional bundle price applies from 14th November 2022 – 31st March 2023 only

Access Workspace

Access Workspace brings all the moving parts of your organisation together into a single digital workspace, so you can take confident action, based on consistent up-to-date information.

Access Workspace is a single sign-on platform that connect your data and people to one location for users to access anywhere/anytime. It is a native cloud product that is built on cloud and runs on cloud. Within Access workspace there 3 main product that we offer which Analytics, Expense and Applause.

Learn more about Access Workspace here.

Contact Us and learn more about Access Bundle Promotion and Access Workspace!

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