Server Data Backup Solution & Approach

Server is an important hardware for allowing most of the company intranet software or external services to be operated. In order to ensure the operation of each progression, server must be guaranteed to take the best caring and protection. There are several ways to take care a server including overheat preventing, server down, data loss / leaking, hacker attack and many more. However today we will be covering about data protection and data backup on server side.

What is Veeam? Veeam is a data backup solution for server. It offers a wide range of server backup solution and it data protection history, trusted by worldwide companies which allow him to ranked #2 in worldwide data backup and data protection. It is a software by allowing you to one click server backup or auto backup your server data with 99% “Sure Backup”. We know that some of the data backup software come with free of charges. However, it will come with certain restriction, including its backup reliability. Veeam software ensure everything, it ensure backup quality and shorten user recovery time by allowing you to restore small part of file from the backup file.

How to back up your server?

As we seem that is a lot of way to back up your server data in order to ensure continuous of operation. Hereby we classified as instant system backup and data backup.

Instant system backup

As by title goes, instant system backup, by having two servers will come in handy. So what does it mean? Which means that you have two exactly same servers, with the same data sync. But only server A is on live while server B always sync data in server A. When server A failed to perform its job, that is the point where server B come in to replace its position. This is the only way that causing no downtime towards companies’ operation.

Data backup

Data backup is divided into more section as it goes deeper, unlike we use another server for data backup directly, we use another device, hardware or tools to complete the data backup solution.

There are three ways for data backup as follows:

  1. Data Backup on Server (Physical server Backup)
  2. Data Backup on Network Storage (HPE Storage or NAS)
  3. Data Backup on Cloud (Online Backup)

Data Backup on Server

Data backup on server which means that backup the data in physical server and store in its drive (harddisk) it is the fastest way and the least progress of backup progress. However, it is not widely recommended as the data backup is still store in the same server. The data backup can’t be assessing once the whole server is down or failure.

Data Backup on Network Storage

This is the most commonly used by most of the user by backup their data and store in a data drive or network storage, such as HPE network storage or NAS. Once the server is down, the data backup can be immediately retrieve from these storage devices and perform restoration.

Data Backup on Cloud

This data backup solution is all about virtual space. The data backup from your server and store it to another online data storing center such as Google Drive & Dropbox. The advantages of this method is that for those authorized people cloud access the backup data anytime and anywhere with simplicity and flexibility.


3211 is a standard operation procedure (SOP) for ensuring data backup from any perspective. Whether the data is from server, PC or notebook.

So what is 3211?

At least 3 copies of same data backup

Which mean that the backup file you created today have to store or had a 3 copies of it. We usually recommend user to store 1 of it to the network storage (NAS), 1 to the offline devices, transportable, and the last copy to the cloud storage. Note that these 3 copies must store in a different location or devices.

2 different media

We recommend user store their data backup into separately location. So that each backup data has their own ‘backup’

1 offsite

This is relatively important rules to follow as the data backup have to be stored in to a portable harddisk, or usb, which are not supposed to link to the server at any point. Aside from that, once the data is stored in a usb or portable harddisk, this device had to be carried by one user/staff to home or office, instead of leaving in a same location.

1 Cloud storage

Cloud storage is easy and accessible anytime. Nowadays cloud storage come in handy with the improved of internet upload and download conditions. User may store 1 copy of the backup data in cloud storage in case of accessibility and flexibility

How to back up your data on server?

There are tons of way to back up your server. However, we recommended Veeam software for data backup.

Why Veeam Software?

  1. Veeam provides a single platform for modernizing backup, accelerating hybrid cloud and securing your server data backup.
  2. Veeam platform is open and compliments a broad ecosystem of partners to easily integrate into any customer environment.
  3. Veeam is software-defined and hardware agnostic providing the ultimate in best-in-class solutions and customer flexibility.
  4. Veeam provide simple, flexible and reliable Backup. It ‘Sure Backup’ ensuring you backup data reliability by automatically checking your backup data upon backup progress.

Veeam Vs other software

 VeeamOther data backup services
Recovery timeInstantRestoration Speed limit
Sure BackupYesBackup data may failed to restore
Data Backup RestoreYesLimited backup file, some of the backup file is available for 1 month
Single File RestorationYesRestore the whole backup file and time consuming
Data Backup SupportYesNo

Want to try out Veeam data backup services? Contact us for more details!

We are always encouraging our customer to backup their data daily or weekly. Make a good practice of backup your data strictly follow to 3211 rules. Ensure restoration time is worth it by putting all your company operation back to normal while server down.

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