PSU 4.0 Subsidy Apply Guide

Wage Subsidy Program 4.0 also known as PSU 4.0, is a wage subsidy for all Malaysia company who entitled in the specific requirement, get a claim and subsidy from Malaysia government.

As from being told by Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, Malaysia government will allocate RM3.8 billion budget to benefits 2.5 million workers in Malaysia during this MCO period.

Through PSU 4.0 initiative, the government will accommodate up to 500 employees per employer at a rate of RM 600 per employee for a period of four months, which is two months for all sectors in the second phase of National Recovery Plan (PPN), under PSU 4.0, that is no salary requirement as per compared to earlier PSU. Which means that there is no salary limit for each employee.

So how exactly we can apply PSU 4.0?

At first, let’s visit

later then follow the below step to complete PSU 4.0 application.

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