PSU 3.0 Subsidy Apply Guide

Wage Subsidy Program 3.0 also known as PSU 3.0, is a wage subsidy for all Malaysia company who entitled in the specific field, claims a (up to) RM 600 per employee.

Who can apply PSU 3.0?

There are several terms and condition in order to apply PSU 3.0 subsidy. The terms and conditions are:

  1. One company income must be 30% lower than previous financial statement.
  2. Company employee that registered with and contributed SOCSO prior to 1 January 2021.
  3. Employers should have registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia, which known as SSM, before 1 January 2021.
  4. Employee Wages are subject to be less than RM4,000
  5. Maximum of eligible employee is controlled at 500.

If you are eligible for the above criteria, you should go and apply for PSU 3.0

How do I apply for the PSU 3.0?

There are several steps for you to applying PSU 3.0, at first you have to visit

After visiting PSU 3.0 website, then you should go for PERMOHONAN

It will redirect you to a BORANG PERMOHONAN page, fill in your company business field and model

Continue the progress by filling whether you applied PSU1.0 or PSU2.0 before.

Then BORANG will extend into another three field, for the first extended field, you are required to answer whether you had been received PSU1.0 or PSU2.0 subsidy.

In the field of NOMBOR RUJUKAN, you should entered the number for PSU1.0 and PSU2.0 that you applied before. If you applied both PSU1.0 and PSU2.0, then you are subjected to enter PSU2.0 number only.

In the last field, completed the form by enter your previously email address, which used for PSU1.0 or PSU2.0.

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