Introduction to Flexi Support Packages Sage UBS

Sage UBS is the Malaysia #1 accounting software, most trusted by Malaysia SMEs, provide newer and better UI design solution for allowing you to perform accounting easily. Sage UBS products are supported by a vast network of over 50 businesses partners and 400 associates across Malaysia and Singapore, providing our customers with the quality and choice of services they need. The product also keeps in constant touch with developments in both countries and continues to develop some features and releases to deliver more value to our customers.

First Purchase after that?

Mainly user concern about software maintenances such as system error, data corrupt, and other issues after purchasing a software. However, here is a benefits that you purchase Sage UBS from Flexi Team as we have an add-on program by providing you full support and helping request upon purchasing Sage UBS software.

What’s add-on we are referring?

Instead of calling add-on program, we referring the program – Flexi Support Packages.

What is Flexi Support Packages?

Support Packages is a selective contract that we signed to a customer once a software purchasing had been made. Once a customer purchase Sage UBS software with us, he or she is able to choose for signing the Sage UBS support package or not.

How Flexi Support Packages can help you?

In the terms of Support Packages, we cover most of the problem that caused by the system, such as system failure, unable to launch software, license error, file location error etc, and the problem faced by user such as running number error, knock off error, yearend error and backup method issues.

Customer that signed contract with us is entitled to unlimited phone calls and unlimited email support. Which means that customer is able to call in while system is having issues in one year within limitation.

Meanwhile, we do provide onsite support for diagnose and troubleshooting if any of the issues faced by customer that cannot be solve through phone and email.

Do you faced any issues while accessing Sage UBS? Don’t worry, we are here to help, contact us and sign our support packages now!

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