How to check out mobile license in Sage UBS

Sage UBS had extended their mobile license expired period from (the early 14 days to 30 days) 31July to 31 December 2021. So once you check out Sage UBS license now you no need to travel back and forth to office.

How to check out Sage UBS mobile license?

At your host PC, access to the License Wizard by clicking the Manage License button in the Select Company screen. Select either Accounting or Inventory & Billing, then click on the License Wizard button

Select I would like to manage mobile license, click [Next] button to proceed to next screen

Enter the following information and click [Next] button to proceed

When the mobile license is successfully checked out, the below message will be show

Then move on to mobile license application.

At your mobile PC, click on the “ i ” icon in the login screen, after that click on the Mobile License link.

Click the Browse button to select the mobile license file. Click the OK button

When the mobile license is successfully installed, the following pop-up message will be shown. Click the OK button

You have successfully check out your Sage UBS mobile license! If you have problem with that, no worries, contact our support and let us help!

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