Form E 2021 Announced by LHDN

Form E 2021 from LHDN Income Tax Malaysia

LHDN Malaysia announced the new Form E format (for 2021 income tax declaration) on 4/1/2022. Download the latest Form E here.

Income Tax, what is it?

Income Tax is a type of tax which government impose on income earned by personal or business, such as monthly salary and business income. According to the law, taxpayers must submit and commit their income tax return annually to determine their income tax.

Deadline for Form E Submission: 31/3/2022

Deadline for Digital Form Submission (e-filing): 30/4/2022

Learn More about Form E guideline:

Submit your Form E to LHDN here:

What is taxable and what is exempted from tax?

LHDN made changes for income tax YA 2021 too, if you want to learn more about it, click the link here.

Felt it difficult for filing Form E? iFlexiHRMS is a HRMS software solution which allow you to one click generate Form E for LHDN submission.

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