Access Control System provides control of entry (or exit) through nominated doors/location via a control panel and some form of electric locking facility. It prevents and stops any unauthorized person from entering your office/premises.

Access control panel can work with various type of verification such as Card (various format), fingerprint and face recognition, and can be designed to link to the various type of mechanizing facility such as Turnstile, flap barrier, Boom Gate, and motorized auto door system.

The system works for building, office, factory, premises, and equipment to protect and prevent unauthorized access. The system provides management software to manage, generate report and monitor status of access control. It can be integrated with IP base CCTV System, guard tour system, license plate access control or automation control system.

Nowadays, most of the access controllers are designed with an active network to make it highly customizable to the rapid ‘real-time’ changes underlying the network operation. It has been brilliantly engineered with all the power you need to enable code-sending and minus unnecessary buffer time with its distributed architecture. It is also capable of processing access demand at the edge level without leveraging on the server end.


  • Standalone or network linked.

  • Standalone or centralized manage

  • Multi-level of access control in one system

  • Multi type of verification method.

  • Easy monitoring, manage & report view and print.


  • Standalone or active network linked for Data Syn.

  • Multi-level access control can be manage by software system.

  • By Pin, Card, Fingerprint, Eye, Vein, hand palm or Face detection verification.

  • Multi card format like EM, Mifare, HID, each come with different level type of security control.

  • One system controller can be acceptable multiple types of verification method.

  • Active network system can manage multi location’s controller. It maintains a live status when the network is down and automatic Data Synchronization when the network resumes.

  • Access Control can be linked up with the different devices such as the Turnstile System, Boom Gate, or Autogate to become a complete solution.

  • Access Control can also be linked up with the Fire Fighting system. In case of fire, all access control will be released when the fire alarm is triggered.