Enjoy up to RM525 cashbacks with purchase of Access UBS

Improving workforce productivity and empowering businesses with intelligence are core to what we do at The Access Group. To that end, we’ve recently launched new and exciting solutions to help our customers scale their businesses. The primary focus – getting more done and doing it faster.

To help you get started on leveraging these new technologies, we’re pleased to announce our newest cashback promotion. From 7 Oct to 30 Nov 2022, enjoy cashback rebates up to RM525* on every new Access UBS and Access Workspace product purchase. The more you buy, the more cashback you receive.

To complete the redemption process, kindly complete this redemption form and adhere to the

T&C applied*

Email to (enquiry@flexiteam.com.my) or call us at Telephone: +607 3606666 for more information.

Cashback table refer as the following:

ProductCashback (MYR)
Access UBS Accounting & Billing132
Access UBS Accounting & Billing (INTL)211
Access UBS Inventory & Billing148
Access UBS Inventory & Billing (INTL)192
Access UBS POS88
Access UBS POS (INTL)100
Access UBS BSM280
Access USB Payroll 1540
Access USB Payroll 3080
Access USB Payroll 60120
Access USB Payroll 100160
Access USB Payroll 150200
Access USB Payroll Premium240
Access UBS Accounting & Billing + Access Workspace248
Access UBS Accounting & Billing (INTL) + Access Workspace396
Access UBS Inventory & Billing + Access Workspace278
Access UBS Inventory & Billing (INTL) + Access Workspace360
Access UBS POS + Access Workspace165
Access UBS POS (INTL) + Access Workspace188
Access UBS BSM + Access Workspace525
Access UBS Payroll 15 + Access Workspace75
Access UBS Payroll 30 + Access Workspace150
Access UBS Payroll 60 + Access Workspace225
Access UBS Payroll 100 + Access Workspace300
Access UBS Payroll 150 + Access Workspace375
Access UBS Payroll Premium + Access Workspace450

If you want to learn more about Access UBS Cashback program, call us now!

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