Easy Bank Reconciliation with Sage Business Cloud Accounting

All the accountants and bookkeepers are unable to avoid by performing bank reconciliation. But first of all, let us have an idea that what is bank reconciliation.

The definition of a bank reconciliation is that, a process for examine two statement, one from entity’s books of account, while the other one is from bank statement, by balancing and rectify both of the transaction and amount.

Bank reconciliation tend to be complicated when a company have a tons of transaction occur in a bank. However, there are many company tend to reduce accountant and bookkeeper human error and reduce the time of processing bank reconciliation, they try to find an accounting software or an accounting solution in order to make the bank reconciliation process come in handy and efficiency,

Sage Business Cloud Accounting is a fully cloud based accounting software that allow company who registered to perform accounting anytime anywhere. Most of the accounting software is restricted by document and paper. However, this paperless accounting software is capable to perform more that an usual accounting software including bank reconciliation.

So what Sage Business Cloud Accounting can do towards the process of bank reconciliation?

  1. Quick Entry Rules

By setting up quick entry rule allows you to faster or saving up your processing time by setting the according rule to company payee and its description. After setting up quick entry rule for payee A, next payee A transaction onwards will automatically been filled with its description and account selection.

  • Bank Statement Mapping Rules

Bank Statement Mapping Rules in this accounting software play an important role towards bank reconciliation. It helps accountant to check duplicate bank statement (may select date and amount) and listed of all the duplicate transactions within the selected period.

  • Reconcile Banks and Credit Cards

Sage Business Cloud Accounting Software provide reconcile banks and credit cards in order to allow user to perform bank reconciliation here. A company accountant is simply select the transaction and tick those who match with the incoming bank statement. It is simple and easy to perform bank reconciliation with Sage Business Cloud Accounting Software.

  • Fully Customize Professional and Presentation Financial Dashboard

The financial dashboard is fully customizable based on the preferences on each company type. Company’s accountant is able to drag and drop by changing and modify graph table and shown data easily.

Are you still struggle with performing bank reconciliation? Contact us now with the solution from Sage Business Cloud Accounting Software, you just simply click in one go.

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