Steps for Installing Sage Payroll MCO Authorization Letter

Sage UBS Payroll is a payroll software designed for allowing company to make payroll processing towards their employee. A simple, easy and decent software to able to settle down company daily basis. The software is designed to meet statutory requirement by including process payslips, tax calculation, allowances and more.


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In the mid of May 2021, Sage UBS Payroll had offer a new release for MCO Travel Authorization Letter Tool, this is a tool for counter Malaysia government implemented MCO (3.0), business in the region that are affected will have to abide by the MCO 3.0 general standard operating procedures.

Well, Sage UBS Payroll help their customer adhere to the SOPs and facilitate their employees to travel to their office for work, MCO authorization letter tools allow you to:

  1. Generate an official company MCO Travel Authorization Letter for their employees.
  2. Customize the letter format and contents.
  3. Print or email the authorization letter to their employee in batches. (email many employee at once)


So here we will having a guide for allowing you to step by step generating Sage Payroll MCO Authorization Letter.

  1. Download MCO Authorization Tool

Go to Sage official website,, under products Sage Payroll, click to view release note, and then download MCO Travel Authorization Letter Tools.

2. Copy the Application to Sage Payroll

Go to your installed Sage Payroll file location, copy and replace the MCO Letter application file with the current one. The file location was under your Sage Payroll Name, UBSPAY90, then Tools.

3. Copy the downloaded file to Sage Payroll

Go to your installed Sage Payroll file location, copy and replace the rest of MCO Letter Application Tools file type to Sage Payroll reports.

4. Add a new program file to Sage UBS Payroll

Open up your Sage Payroll, go to Miscellaneous, then External Applications, Add the program we copied above.

5. Last Step, customize the MCO Authorization Letter

Upload your company logo, title and signature too and customize your company MCO Authorization Letter based on your company preferences.

Contact us for help! We can help you for all Sage Payroll MCO Authorization Letter customization!

Tops MCO Software Tools That Support Work From Home

Since Malaysia Government announce full lockdown started from 1 June Onwards, many company are forced to lockdown from this period, however is there any solution for allowing you to perform WORK FROM HOME meanwhile maintain your company workload process? It is not going to by simply giving your employee “stay at home” but “work at home”. Many people said that it might not be easy but after you read this article. You may find some useful MCO software by allowing your company model transfer from localize to cloud.

Many company are still confusing about cloud services, or how should we put in, it is essential to having cloud services? People keep saying cloud services but do I really need one?

So what is a cloud services? It is not a cloud in the sky, but it is a online/web platform by allowing you to store data and process in there. While storing on cloud, it mean that it is accessible by many people and any location from the same time. While company can create an environment for having employee to work and discussion together through cloud services.

So, is there any program or cloud software by allowing you to do so? There are several cloud software that supporting many of your company daily basis. Let’s get into details.


We know that Sage UBS Accounting for a long time, but Sage Business Cloud Accounting Software? It is an online accounting software that allowing one company to perform accounting and banking solution in there. It module including multicurrency, SST compliance, Bank reconciliation and many more. Your company accountant may rest assure by storing all your accounting document in cloud instead of keeping many paperwork. Meanwhile, it is a cloud accounting software, which means that company’s boss may check their company account and finance anywhere and anytime even from overseas with a simple login and go.

Click here to learn more about Sage Business Cloud Accounting Software.


Remote computer solution is a simple and easy solution with a one and only single requirement – which it required a WiFi connection. It is not that hard right? Remote Computer Solution is easy for your employee by allowing them to remote access, from their house PC, with a internet connection, connect to company PC and control it. Which means that your employee is not required to carry back their heavy desktop PC during MCO period. Meanwhile, with remote computer solution, file in office PC is sully accessible by employee. Your employee no longer need to copy their file in to USB in the last minute before MCO. Remote Computer solution is a relatively low cost solution which is mostly affordable for most of the SMEs.

Click here to learn more about Remote Computer Solution.


Many of the boss doesn’t like about MCO. First they come out with “How to make sure my employee work?” Well no worries, We have iFLEXiHRMS iClock solution which is a mobile attendance devices allowing your employee to clock their attendance through mobile. Well it is not mainly covered for MCO used, it can be suit for on site employee, overseas working, business travelling and many more conditions. However mobile clocking software still works for MCO Work From Home solution. Your employee may clock their attendance through iFLEXiHRMS i-Clock mobile solution.

Do you know more about MCO WORK FROM HOME solution? Let us know and contact us about your MCO enquiries!

Easy Bank Reconciliation with Sage Business Cloud Accounting

All the accountants and bookkeepers are unable to avoid by performing bank reconciliation. But first of all, let us have an idea that what is bank reconciliation.

The definition of a bank reconciliation is that, a process for examine two statement, one from entity’s books of account, while the other one is from bank statement, by balancing and rectify both of the transaction and amount.

Bank reconciliation tend to be complicated when a company have a tons of transaction occur in a bank. However, there are many company tend to reduce accountant and bookkeeper human error and reduce the time of processing bank reconciliation, they try to find an accounting software or an accounting solution in order to make the bank reconciliation process come in handy and efficiency,

Sage Business Cloud Accounting is a fully cloud based accounting software that allow company who registered to perform accounting anytime anywhere. Most of the accounting software is restricted by document and paper. However, this paperless accounting software is capable to perform more that an usual accounting software including bank reconciliation.

So what Sage Business Cloud Accounting can do towards the process of bank reconciliation?

  1. Quick Entry Rules

By setting up quick entry rule allows you to faster or saving up your processing time by setting the according rule to company payee and its description. After setting up quick entry rule for payee A, next payee A transaction onwards will automatically been filled with its description and account selection.

  • Bank Statement Mapping Rules

Bank Statement Mapping Rules in this accounting software play an important role towards bank reconciliation. It helps accountant to check duplicate bank statement (may select date and amount) and listed of all the duplicate transactions within the selected period.

  • Reconcile Banks and Credit Cards

Sage Business Cloud Accounting Software provide reconcile banks and credit cards in order to allow user to perform bank reconciliation here. A company accountant is simply select the transaction and tick those who match with the incoming bank statement. It is simple and easy to perform bank reconciliation with Sage Business Cloud Accounting Software.

  • Fully Customize Professional and Presentation Financial Dashboard

The financial dashboard is fully customizable based on the preferences on each company type. Company’s accountant is able to drag and drop by changing and modify graph table and shown data easily.

Are you still struggle with performing bank reconciliation? Contact us now with the solution from Sage Business Cloud Accounting Software, you just simply click in one go.

The Best Accounting Software for Malaysia SMEs, Simple and Easy with Sage UBS

Accounting is an essential measurement and financial communication to a business, it including for processing, analyzing, summarizing and reporting. A company is able to collect accounting information to foresee its future and making the right decision.

Every company whether a company from Malaysia, Singapore, China, United Kingdom, United State and even throughout the world, require to perform and record transaction between customer, supplier and partners. However, a large transaction of accounting transaction is difficult to me manage by a single person or department by manually key in data entry. Therefore, there are many company tend to find an accounting solution or an accounting software.

Nowadays, there are many accounting software whether it is accounting software or cloud accounting software. But as a company for searching for accounting software solution, do you know which is the accounting software is the best suit to you?

Sage UBS accounting software focus on growing your business with the latest features form the Newer and Better Sage UBS, it had been offering localized accounting solution that suit to Malaysia rule and regulations. Sage UBS accounting software had lead the industry for several years and it gain the name of Frost & Sullivan 2019 Malaysia Financial Accounting Software Vendor of the year.

However, why Sage UBS accounting software is compatible to the other accounting software?

Sage UBS accounting software redesigned the product of simplicity. It had been easier to process accounting and user friendly. It is easy for report generation and presentation for financial period.

Advantages of using Sage UBS accounting software

Why Sage UBS accounting software is better than the other accounting software in the market?

  1. Flexibility

With Sage UBS Accounting Software, company user (accountant) is able to update their journal entry anytime anywhere.

  • Trust

Sage UBS Accounting Software had been listed in Malaysia more than 10 years. It had been trusted by 500+ companies.

  • Simplicity

The accounting software has a wizard system to help non accountant background employee to perform their double entry easily. The user friendly accounting software is the best solution for company who try to perform accounting transaction themselves.

  • Report Center

Report Center is a new feature from Sage UBS Accounting Software by allowing you to customize professional presentable report.

  • Mobile License

Sage UBS Accounting Software is suitable for MCO solution as it is able to check out the license code from office PC and reinstalled in personal PC (work at home)

How to purchase Sage UBS Accounting Software?

You are able to contact our team via +607-360 6681 or sent your enquiry here!

For returning Sage UBS accounting software user, here are some Sage UBS accounting software guideline:

Check valid Sage UBS Accounting software license:

Renew Sage Cover guide:

Sage Business Cloud Accounting That Solve Everything Online

Sage Business Cloud Accounting – a real digitalize software that solve everything online

During the past years, many traditional company struggling for transforming their business from paperwork to paperless. Well it can be included many reasons such as financial issues and adaption issues. However, Covid-19, the virus that dominates the whole world play an important role, by applying social distancing in Malaysia, that forcing some of the business to shift their current form and methods.

At, first some position seems to be easily deal with the concept of work from home such as programmers. These people can work remotely with the connection of internet however, the luck was not fall on accountant side. Every business, whenever small or big ones, have their own transaction, documents, invoice and such, well the problem is, paper.

Here comes a question from traditional company, how am I able to let my accountant work from home, without all those paper? (Well, an accountant can bring all those paper from company to his/her home, if he/she willing to do that) How am I able to update new transaction to my accountant? Nevertheless, there is only one solution suite for this circumstances, paperless.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting is an accounting software that developed by Sage, suitable for newly transforming company. The powerful cloud based software connected company, employee, and even customer anytime anywhere.

What is Sage Business Cloud Accounting being so powerful, that easily help these traditional company to succeed their transformation smoothly?

Let’s take a look at Sage Business Cloud Accounting.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting is a cloud-based accounting, which enable company to manage their documentation and business payments online, these features include price quote, estimates, statements and invoices. Moreover, Sage Business Cloud Accounting integrated with bank, allowing company owner is able to import bank transaction. A simple dashboard design that includes all information and allow company to easily update their current cash flow and pending payments.

So what have Sage Business Cloud Accounting provided?

  1. Simple Invoicing and Expenses

Management Recording company expenses and invoices has never been easier! A flexible accounting Software come with customisable professional invoices provide professional company image to impress it clients.

  • Customisable Personal Accounting Dashboard

Nothing is more important than knowing that your business is on the right track. With Sage Business Cloud Accounting software, company is able to customize its unique dashboards with its own preferences.

  • Managing Your Sage Accounting

Managing company accounts have never been simple. Sage Business Cloud Accounting helps companies to manage their accounts by adding fixed assets to its inventory.

  • Running Your Business like a Pro

For a company, grant its customer access to a whole new professional side of its business, as known as Customer Zone. Which enables one company’s customers to view invoices online, accept quotes and keep track of their purchase history between company.

  • Sage Business Cloud Accounting Mobile App

Access the product using Sage Business Cloud Accounting App for free on Apple and Android device. Sage Business Cloud Accounting App allows companies to easily record their quotations, invoices and expenses on the go.

  • Security That You Can Rely

The strong bank level security protocols enable company to store important information and documentation with Sage Business Cloud Accounting. Company is able to perform user access management and privilege.

  • Connect Sage Software With Your Bank

Bye Bye for re-keying payments and breeze through reconciliation routines by connecting Sage Business Cloud Accounting directly with company bank account. Watch each company transactions flow seamlessly into company accounts as a company can simply to confirm what transaction want to post or match.

  • Track Business Performance

Utilize the selection of reports to help company to keep track of its business performance. A company is able to use the budgets feature by comparing its budget vs actuals.

  • Save Processing Time

With all paperless working, a company is able to save its processing time by only reviewing the final output and reports.

Take a peek into Sage Business Cloud Accounting software.

Various of Customizable Template

Admin is able to manage their dashboard easily after logged in. There are a widely selection of customizable templates such as quotation, invoice, receipts, statements and many else.  

Manage Customer Tax Invoices

Sage Business Cloud Accounting is help a company to keep track a list of customer group by tax invoice. A company is able to update their transaction easily through this platform by clicking action on the right panel. Once a transaction is updated, the accounting software is able to check the status of that invoice, whether it is paid, overdue or partially paid.

View Customer Info

Company is able to sort their customer in a listing. Company is able to view customer details as follows.

A customer quick view, particulars, balance and recent transaction can be shown. Moreover, the sales history between a company and customer will be presented as a graph for easily monitoring and review.

Where to purchase Sage business Cloud Accounting Software?

You may purchase Sage Business Cloud Accounting Software through 012-7831357 (Mr Evan) and 07-3606666 (Ms Wani)

Hold on! You should try the accounting software first before you purchased it!

Here is how you get the free trail license key for Sage Business Cloud Accounting.

1 Go to

2 Like and share the page and post

3 Fill in the google form and select free license for Sage Business Cloud Accounting!

4 Submit the form and let them get back to you

Sage Business Cloud Accounting is a powerful paperless accounting software that allow traditional company to make their first move toward digitalization. Try now and go paperless!