Access UBS Cashback Angpau

Enjoy up to RM399 CNY cashbacks with Access UBS license purchase

We are excited to announce Access UBS Ang Pow Cashback promotion to celebrate the Lunar New Year 2022.

Enjoy cashback when you purchase any new Access UBS license from 19 January 2022 to 15 March 2022*. The more you buy, the more cashback you receive.

Grab this chance and renew your Access UBS license now!

To complete the redemption process, kindly complete this redemption form and adhere to the

T&C per below:
Requirement for this promotion:
• Complete the following redemption form & send it to us by 17 March 2022 (Submissions
after 17 March 2022 will NOT be accepted)
• Send us a copy of your proof of purchase (Invoice) which should clearly indicate the product
name and the date of purchase. We should receive this by 17 March 2022.
• Register your purchased Access software between 19 January – 15 March 2022.
• Email this redemption form along with your proof of purchase to:
• For more information on Access UBS Angpow Giveaway Programme, kindly contact us via
email ( or call us at Telephone: +603 2272 9998

Cashback table refer as the following:

Access UBS ProductCashback (MYR)
Access UBS Accounting & Billing169
Access UBS Accounting & Billing (INTL)269
Access UBS Inventory & Billing199
Access UBS Inventory & Billing (INTL)249
Access UBS POS119
Access UBS POS (INTL)129
Access UBS Building Services Maintenance (aka Access UBS BSM)399
Access UBS Payroll 1579
Access UBS Payroll 3099
Access UBS Payroll 60179
Access UBS Payroll 100219
Access UBS Payroll 150259
Access UBS Payroll Premium309
Access UBS Cashback Angpau

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Access UBS December Release 2022.1

Get UBS, Malaysia’s #1 accounting software, trusted by over 500,000 SME’s at 50% off with MDEC / SIDEC Matching Grant.

Going into the new year, the latest Access UBS release on 13 December 2021 will help you to prepare for more sales and make the right purchases with these new features and enhancements.

1. Make better Sales Decisions

In UBS version 2022.1, you will now be able to view the last 3 selling prices, discount amount, credit limit and current outstanding balances. Stop a transaction if the outstanding balance is beyond your comfort level, or if it exceeds your credit limit, or if you will make a loss on the sale. With this information, you can make better sales decisions.

2. Enhance your purchasing process

In UBS version 2022.1, you can decouple the PO to the GRN and the GRN to the invoice. If the supplier’s invoice has an error, you can delete the current invoice and decouple the GRN, create a new supplier invoice with the right details and link the existing GRN to the new invoice. Similarly, if the GRN is wrong, you can now delete the GRN and decouple the PO, create a new GRN with the right details and link the existing PO to the new GRN

3. Window 11 Compatibility

Windows 11 OS was launched in Oct 2021 and PC manufacturers will start to offer their devices with the new OS. As some of our customers may upgrade or replace their current devices, we have tested all Access UBS modules on the Windows 11 operating system to evaluate the compatibility with the new OS.

Learn More about the release of Access UBS 2022.1
Release Videos
(1) View credit limit when generating sales invoices Watch Video
(2) Check previous selling prices when generating sales invoices Watch Video 
(3) Relink Goods Received Notes (GRN) and Purchase Orders (PO) Watch Video

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Access UBS Software

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Year End Promotion Access UBS Bundle Cashback

Managing your business accounts manually is time consuming and error prone, that could lead to penalties and fines from the local tax authorities. However, choosing the wrong software solution could be even worse, as it becomes harder to correct in the future.

Access UBS is an award-winning solution that is catered for Asian SMEs to comply with local tax legislations. It is feature rich, based on over 30 years of product developments and user feedback. It is also more than just an accounting software as it has a suite of other modules including inventory management and payroll that can be integrated. The integration allows information to be shared between these systems so that you don’t need to maintain multiple sets of data. UBS Accounting and Inventory shares the same customer and supplier information while you can post your monthly payroll entries directly into your general ledger to reduce errors.

Access UBS includes a built-in mobile licence that allows you to check out and run it on another device that only you have access to. This means that you can manage your accounts anywhere, on another device, but only by you, making it more secure.

To support your digitisation efforts at an affordable price, for a limited period until 31 Dec 2021, customer who purchase any of the UBS Bundle Package(s) per below table will be entitled to receive cashback!

UBS Bundle PackagesCashback (MYR)
Access UBS Accounting + Billing (One), Access UBS Payroll 15130
Access UBS Accounting + Billing (One), Access UBS Inventory + Billing265
Access UBS Accounting + Billing (One), Access UBS Inventory + Billing, Access UBS Payroll 15315
Access UBS Accounting + Billing (Nine), Access UBS Payroll 30265
Access UBS Accounting + Billing (Nine), Access UBS Inventory + Billing350
Access UBS Accounting + Billing (Nine), Access UBS Inventory + Billing, Access UBS Payroll 30450

*Terms and conditions apply

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Exclusive Year End Promotion Access UBS Accounting Customer Cashback

We hope that your Access UBS Accounting & Billing continues to serve you well.

As your business expands, there will be more information and data that you need to organise properly so that you have the full picture of your operations.

Manually keeping track of your employee records and payroll is difficult, including calculating and submitting their EPF contributions and income tax details to the authorities. Even when you do, you may be penalised if there are errors in the details. UBS Payroll helps you to:

  • Stay compliant with the latest government legislation changes so that your submissions are accurate.
  • Keep detail records of your employee information and payroll.
  • Process your payroll accurately to keep your employees motivated.
  • Post your payroll activities directly into UBS Accounting & Billing.

Aiming for a balanced inventory, without over or understocking, starts with having a proper inventory management system. UBS Inventory & Billing works perfectly with your UBS Accounting & Billing when integrated to achieve the following:

  • Common customer and supplier information to reduce the need and avoid errors in maintaining 2 different sets of information.
  • Keep track of your inventory in multiple locations.
  • Include additional information into your invoices, such as batch number, bill of materials (BOM) and serial numbers.
  • Post your sales activity directly into UBS Accounting & Billing.

To support your digitisation efforts, for a limited period until 31 Dec 2021, customer with an active UBS Accounting + Billing license (One, Nine or INTL) will be eligible to receive cashback upon purchasing Payroll and/or Inventory license(s) per below table. If your Accounting license is inactive, you will need to renew to be entitled to the cashback redemption.

UBS Active Accounting Customer PackagesCashback (MYR)
Access UBS Inventory + Billing185
Access UBS Inventory + Billing INTL240
Access UBS Payroll 1550
Access UBS Payroll 30100
Access UBS Payroll 60150
Access UBS Payroll 100200
Access UBS Payroll 150250
Access UBS Payroll Premium300

*Terms and Conditions Apply

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Sage UBS had rebranded to Access UBS

We are excited to announce that we have launched the re-branding of Access UBS. As we previously updated in June, UBS was acquired by The Access Group on 1 June 2021, and we have been and continue to work on transiting our customers to the Access brand. This change will be reflected in a new website to officially launch Access to the Asian market.

What had changed regarding to UBS software?

Change in business entity name:

Sage Software Sdn Bhd -> Access Software Sdn Bhd (441389-K)

We have updated our product interface to reflect the Access Group brand and Sage UBS will be rebranded as Access UBS going forward. This update will be available once your customers move to the latest version of Access UBS. There will be no changes to the product features/functionalities, and their data within Access UBS.

Contact us to learn more about changes and rebranded for UBS software!