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Easy Bank Reconciliation with Sage Business Cloud Accounting

All the accountants and bookkeepers are unable to avoid by performing bank reconciliation. But first of all, let us have an idea that what is bank reconciliation. The definition of a bank reconciliation is that, a process for examine two statement, one from entity’s books of account, while the other one is from bank statement, […]

How to select HP desktop and HP notebook that suit for you?

HP full name Hwelett-Packard is a company that develop several astonishing computer and desktop PC around the world. However, do you know that how to choose a HP desktop and HP notebook that suitable for your requirement? There are several desktop PC and desktop computer are able to selected from here: https://www.flexiteam.com.my/desktop-notebook-printer/ Among all of […]

The Best Accounting Software for Malaysia SMEs, Simple and Easy with Sage UBS

Accounting is an essential measurement and financial communication to a business, it including for processing, analyzing, summarizing and reporting. A company is able to collect accounting information to foresee its future and making the right decision. Every company whether a company from Malaysia, Singapore, China, United Kingdom, United State and even throughout the world, require […]

Sage Business Cloud Accounting That Solve Everything Online

Sage Business Cloud Accounting – a real digitalize software that solve everything online During the past years, many traditional company struggling for transforming their business from paperwork to paperless. Well it can be included many reasons such as financial issues and adaption issues. However, Covid-19, the virus that dominates the whole world play an important […]