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Year End Promotion Access UBS Bundle Cashback

Managing your business accounts manually is time consuming and error prone, that could lead to penalties and fines from the local tax authorities. However, choosing the wrong software solution could be even worse, as it becomes harder to correct in the future. Access UBS is an award-winning solution that is catered for Asian SMEs to […]

Flexi Team – The Biggest One Stop IT Solution Provider In JB

Flexi Team is a one stop IT Solution Provider; we cover all IT fields for helping your company business grow by providing System integration (e.g. Server, desktop, notebook & PC), Business Software (financial solution, HRMS), ELV (CCTV, door access) and Other (e.g. corporate training). From the past 20+ year of history, we had operated in […]

Introduction to Flexi Support Packages Sage UBS

Sage UBS is the Malaysia #1 accounting software, most trusted by Malaysia SMEs, provide newer and better UI design solution for allowing you to perform accounting easily. Sage UBS products are supported by a vast network of over 50 businesses partners and 400 associates across Malaysia and Singapore, providing our customers with the quality and […]

Server Data Backup Solution & Approach

Server is an important hardware for allowing most of the company intranet software or external services to be operated. In order to ensure the operation of each progression, server must be guaranteed to take the best caring and protection. There are several ways to take care a server including overheat preventing, server down, data loss […]

iFlexi employee self services ESS vaccination status update

How Employee Update Vaccination Status? Login to ESS system, employee will see below link at the top right menu: User will redirect to registration page when click above link: Enter the required information and submit the vaccination status step by step. You will see above message when you register vaccination status successfully. System will redirect […]

How to check out mobile license in Sage UBS

Sage UBS had extended their mobile license expired period from (the early 14 days to 30 days) 31July to 31 December 2021. So once you check out Sage UBS license now you no need to travel back and forth to office. How to check out Sage UBS mobile license? At your host PC, access to […]

PSU 4.0 Subsidy Apply Guide

Wage Subsidy Program 4.0 also known as PSU 4.0, is a wage subsidy for all Malaysia company who entitled in the specific requirement, get a claim and subsidy from Malaysia government. As from being told by Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, Malaysia government will allocate RM3.8 billion budget to benefits 2.5 million workers in Malaysia during […]

PSU 3.0 Subsidy Apply Guide

Wage Subsidy Program 3.0 also known as PSU 3.0, is a wage subsidy for all Malaysia company who entitled in the specific field, claims a (up to) RM 600 per employee. Who can apply PSU 3.0? There are several terms and condition in order to apply PSU 3.0 subsidy. The terms and conditions are: One […]