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Interview: Attendance Devices In a Restaurant

My name is David, I worked in a restaurant near JB, which provide traditional Malaysia food serve with delicious desserts. I had several colleagues in here, they are nice and friendly, they are willing to teach me everything from the beginning and thanks for them all of the newbie is capable to survive from the fresh start.

Our restaurant applied punch card system to capture our attendance, this may be the uncomfortable attendance system in this restaurant as we have to clock our attendance in exact time for example 8:00, we can’t clock before that (some management rules, or what I remembered they said the attendance clocking time is not able to customize). Every morning and night was a disaster as we have to queue in a line to punch our attendance one by one.

Everything was smooth until there is one day, Thomas had an issued with his family, he applied leave to our boss and spend his whole day to settle down his stuff. But weird stuff happened here, Thomas card appeared to be punched his attendance record in the morning!

Our boss found out the situation and get hold of us by staying in the restaurant after work. With the lack of record log for our attendance system. None of us can find out the mystery clocking record for Thomas. Fortunately, after a round of checking our attendance card. We found that Raj accidently clock Thomas card instead of his. We ended it with an unpleasant day due to the clocking attendance issues.

Mary is the person who take care of our restaurant account and paycheck, after she heard about our situation last night, she decides to look out for another attendance system for current attendance card replacement.

After a while for Mary’s attendance survey, she was convinced by a salesman named Jeffery who had several year of experience in solving and providing attendance & HRMS solution.

Instead of using the old style of clocking attendance by punch card, Jeffery introduce us a new way of clocking by using the method of biometric verification for clocking attendance. To clock in, we just simply register our fingerprint or face scanner to clock in easily to the devices. The faster way of taking our attendance are most welcomed by all of us and so do our boss.

Start from the day we use the attendance clocking devices, none of the error had been made such as clocking time error, colleague mistake clocking, and the last and the very least, not need to queue for clocking attendance now! We walked in the restaurant, place our finger and go, it is convenient and simple compared to punch card before.

Attendance devices is capable for catching each of our clock in log and it is easy for report printing for our paycheck calculation. Moreover, the biometric mechanics applied by only allowed captured our fingerprint by not messing around with our punch card is easy and convenient as it prevented our attendance card mixed up with each other.

Feedback from Mary, she said that “Attendance devices is easy to one click export out all of the attendance data and (used the data to) perform their paycheck easily”. Clearly with the help from attendance devices, the overall process of handling attendance is way more convenient and rest assured.

Attendance devices is a clocking machine that allow you to check your attendance with it. It can simply integrate with door access features (to open a door after scanned). The biometric attendance capture will prevent employee for buddy punching (one help another) and miss punch for each other. Moreover, attendance devices with one click export attendance result greatly reduce the chance for human’s error by preventing HR department miscalculated or miswrite error for attendance record.

Do you, as a restaurant worker, faced the above attendance problem as well? Contact us to learn more about attendance devices.

How attendance devices work?

Attendance devices or we called it a clocking machine is actually a device /machine to keep track of your company employee attendance data and records, it can record employee clock in, clock out, lunch break, lunch in, OT and etc. Some of the attendance devices are able to integrate with door access, which allow your employee to “scan” before “walk in” to your company door.

As per scenario from our David faced above, he was having a trouble while his restaurant failed to found out the misclocking immediately. While for attendance devices, which is another level for using biometric verification, such as face scanner, fingerprint etc, to prevent buddy punching and misclock issues faced in the case above.

After the attendance devices keep track of the employee attendance record, it will be stored into a list, which is printable as an attendance report by allowing company HR to proceed employee salary easily and efficiency.

Advantages for Attendance devices

After we talked about so much about attendance devices, including how it works. But how do attendance devices really help you in business? Or we should put in this way, should you change your current attendance method and adopt attendance devices approach?

 Punch Card Attendance DevicesBiometric Attendance Devices
Buddy PunchingNoPrevent Buddy Punching
Prevent MisPunch/ Punch WronglyNoYes with biometric scanner
MaintenancesHigh, Purchase Punch Card and Punch InkNo maintenances required
Attendance ReportNoAttendance Report Printing
Align Night Shift, Next Day printing timingNoYes

There are so many advantages on attendance devices, if you are using punch card devices now, why don’t you call us and let us have a free demo and introduction to you about our biometric attendance devices.

Get the attendance devices, rest assure and get your business ready!

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