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Here at Access UBS, our objective is to offer business solutions that make it easier for our customers to manage their business processes resulting in lower operational costs and reduced risk, leading to a more profitable and sustainable business. Access UBS is achieved by providing quality products and services that are relevant to our customers, deployed with appropriate technology and are supported by local experts.

Access UBS Feature, Function & Specification

Access UBS wizard setup enables users a quick start in the set up process

Task flows display for easy reference and direct access to the required screen

Access UBS provide transaction Wizards provides step-by-step guide to enter transactions

Debtor Receipt & Creditor Payment screens to give user an overview of all bank balances for better cash management and the flexibility to perform offset process simultaneously

Additional Dashboard Reports in Access UBS provides easy access to critical information for better collection, fund management and business decision making

Payment Services in Access UBS that improves efficiency and security of your transactions

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Access UBS Modules

Access UBS Accounting & Billing

Access UBS Accounting is the first step to computerized business. With more than 200,000 installations in Malaysia aloe, we are now a household brand among Small Medium Business (SMBs). Many institutions of higher learning prefer Access UBS Accounting as part of their course as it is simple to use and has comprehensive reports.


Access UBS Inventory & Billing

Access UBS Inventory & Billing makes stock control easier by putting the control back into your hands. It provides you with the flexibility to handle all types of inventory transactions and has instant updates and inventory status at your fingertips. Access UBS Inventory & Billing performs as an invoicing system where you can print invoices and delivery orders


Access UBS Payroll & HRMS

Access UBS Payroll & HRMS is a well-known business management software with over 300,000 installations nationwide that can help organizations to lower operating cost and reduce the risk of miss calculation.



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