Access UBS December Release 2022.1

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Going into the new year, the latest Access UBS release on 13 December 2021 will help you to prepare for more sales and make the right purchases with these new features and enhancements.

1. Make better Sales Decisions

In UBS version 2022.1, you will now be able to view the last 3 selling prices, discount amount, credit limit and current outstanding balances. Stop a transaction if the outstanding balance is beyond your comfort level, or if it exceeds your credit limit, or if you will make a loss on the sale. With this information, you can make better sales decisions.

2. Enhance your purchasing process

In UBS version 2022.1, you can decouple the PO to the GRN and the GRN to the invoice. If the supplier’s invoice has an error, you can delete the current invoice and decouple the GRN, create a new supplier invoice with the right details and link the existing GRN to the new invoice. Similarly, if the GRN is wrong, you can now delete the GRN and decouple the PO, create a new GRN with the right details and link the existing PO to the new GRN

3. Window 11 Compatibility

Windows 11 OS was launched in Oct 2021 and PC manufacturers will start to offer their devices with the new OS. As some of our customers may upgrade or replace their current devices, we have tested all Access UBS modules on the Windows 11 operating system to evaluate the compatibility with the new OS.

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Release Videos
(1) View credit limit when generating sales invoices Watch Video
(2) Check previous selling prices when generating sales invoices Watch Video 
(3) Relink Goods Received Notes (GRN) and Purchase Orders (PO) Watch Video

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