Access New Product: Access Workspace

Access Workspace is a single sign-on platform that connect your data and people to one location for users to access anywhere/anytime. It is a native cloud product that is built on cloud and runs on cloud. Within Access workspace there 3 main product that we offer which Analytics, Expense and Applause

Analytics is a Business Intelligence (BI) tool that allows users to build dashboard and report within Analytics for them to access anytime anywhere. We have recently developed an integration between Analytics and UBS to connecting UBS data to Analytics, there are prebuild reports which is available for users to access and in additional to that users can also build reports/dashboard based on the data that is available in their UBS application.

On top of that Analytics is also available to be connected with other 3rd party data source such excel and csv. Users can build their reports and dashboard using own raw data too. Most importantly all of these are managed through our secure access workspace environment.


Expense is an e-claims modules used for simplifying processes and to gain better control and visibility of expense management. With Expense users can now manage the entire process online and automate tasks for increased efficiency, this helps the finance/HR to cut down processing time and move forward paperless.

Employees are able capture expenses digitally by simply snapping a pic or scanned document and attach it their expense for submission. Where else Employers can have up to 3 levels of approval claims submission and certain type of policy for a claim.

This whole process can be done via browser on pc or mobile app, in additional to that the mobile app includes OCR (document capture) on the receipt so users simply take a picture of the receipt, using their phone camera and it picks up all the information for them to submit the expense. In terms of reporting, it connects to Analytics for a comprehensive report and in-depth analysis.


Applause is a peer-to-peer employee recognition software that engages, motivates and connects your people. An employee recognition platform gives your people a quick and easy way of sending someone they work with praise, reward, and virtual applause for their work or behaviour. It is used to encourage positive behaviours, appreciate great work, help your people feel seen and valued – all whilst aligning to what you’re all about as a business.

  • Turn your workforce into a social community and improve teamwork
  • Help your people to feel valued to improve retention
  • Create a culture of gratitude to improve workplace wellbeing
  • Embrace an even more inclusive culture and create belonging
  • Reward your employees in a way they want to be rewarded

Finally with Access workspace there are other complimentary products that are included in workspace such as

  1. Learning (Lite) an e-learning platform that is pre-loaded with Access products courses and some generic workspace courses, these courses are periodically reshuffled user will have new courses time to time.
  2. Collaborate it is a project tracking platform where users can manage their project by sharing document, inviting users internal and external and assigning users for progress status of project tasks.
  3. Noticeboard, where user can update company information’s for employees to access and view, like or comment.

Once again, all these products that we have mentioned to you today is at one location, Workspace. In additional to that product like Analytics and Expense has prebuild integrations to UBS Accounting and UBS Payroll, makes users task easier transfer information from one place to another. Users can start with any of these products and scale up/add on as they need others.

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