Access Analytics with UBS

Access UBS customers on the latest version can now integrate with Access
Analytics, to get more insights to your business performance, securely and
all in 1 single location. Access Analytics makes it easy for you to understand
your business performance and share information with your employees or
colleagues as it is delivered through our Access Workspace software solution, where all your employees will be able to access.
The 2 main functions of Access Analytics start with Insights and Dashboards.

What are Insights and Dashboards?

Insights are the starting point of Analytics. You can create an Insight by choosing a data set that you want to visualise, select the Insight template (chart, metric or table type) that you want to display the data in and apply the filters to complete. Your Insight will be created according to your options. There are multiple Insight templates available for you to choose. You can further drill down into the details of your Insights by clicking on
their components.

Access Analytics extracts data from your UBS system saving you time from data preparation and export. With data from your accounting, inventory and payroll displayed in dashboards, you can easily view and understand your business performance. Running on the cloud, your users can view the dashboards anytime, anywhere. Access controls can also be set to ensure the dashboards are available only to staff with permission to view.

Harness the power of visualisation to communicate the pulse of your business companywide. Access Analytics for UBS offers an extensive suite of pre-built dashboards, enabling you to easily see the strengths and gaps across every aspect of your business. You can also leverage our visualisation tools to create additional customised dashboards from your data set.

How Access Analytics works with UBS

We have built secured connections between Access Workspace and UBS
so that you can securely transmit your UBS data across. A security token is generated for each unique customer so that your data remains accessible only to you. This security token will have to be matched and accepted at your Access Workspace instance before you can proceed.

Learn More About Access Workspace.

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