Access UBS Product Update: End of Services (EOS) on Window 7

Attention to all Access UBS user, Access UBS had ceased it support on Window 7 PC platform.

Due to the announcement from Microsoft as it had ended it services for Window 7 by no longer providing the following:

  1. Technical support for any issues
  2. Software updates
  3. Security updates or fixes

Therefore, Access UBS had been decided to cease support for UBS on Window 7, you may refer the latest Access UBS System Requirement guide here to check if your current Window fits the requirements.

Make sure you update your Window version to fits the new requirement for Access UBS and always BACKUP before upgrade your Window version!

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How to grow your business with NAS Storage and Cloud Storage?

Network Storage and Cloud Storage are the two essential storage or also known as “space” for allowing you to store backup file or sharing file. With a Wi-Fi connection, everybody connected with granted access are allowing to sharing their files on it.

With the bombarding of internet services throughout the world, while Wi-Fi and internet connection had become a basic need from people, many of the business are unable to avoid the essential equipment or accessories from internet services. Moreover, with the huge push/advanced for company digitalization. Web and services are quite popular among all of the business field in nowadays.

So how does advanced internet is linked to NAS Storage and Cloud Storage here?

Usually with internet services provider or using services provided by internet services provider, come with a backup solution with NAS storage or Cloud Storage, to ensure their data is safe and recoverable.

But first the query? Why do we need backup? Is that a must?

As the bombing generation come with internet, it has advantages by connecting people to people, but some of the individuals or organization, known as hacker or attacker, may trying to find leak and get your personal information in order to achieve their final goal. Some of them might even try to break down your internet structure to cause confusion, panic and downtime to your business or services.

Secondly, set aside for human encounter, several natural disasters such as thunder strike, human error such as electricity shortage, black out, inconsistent of electric power supply etc, will cause a big impact on your server, the most common issues such as server downtime, data corrupt, data lost etc.

Therefore, we strongly recommended all of the business provide a network storage and cloud storage in order to stored backup data for restoration and recovery after crisis happened.

Although there might be several ways to prevent attacker and electric power supply such as applying internet firewall for protection and ups backup battery for storing power supply during black out, that is a different story we will focus on network storage and cloud storage for now.

Network storage and Cloud Storage, what are the difference between them?

As for backup solution, network storage and cloud storage are the most popular solution that adopted among most of the SMEs in Malaysia. A network storage is a device that allow you to store data on it with a form of internet connection. Cloud storage is a storage that host on cloud, you may access the server anytime anywhere as long as you have a stable internet connection and login credential.

Network Storage of known as NAS usually work well with server, which allow you to perform backup daily and hourly in order for data recovery. NAS is a file level computer data storage server provide data access with all of the connected group of clients.

However different NAS spec come with different performance, this will have affected NAS transmission speed (download/upload or process data) and bandwidth (which directly restricted how many users can access at the same time)

Unlike Cloud Storage, we have to add additional Hard disk component in order to expand NAS storage capacity.

Cloud Storage used for storing computer data and files in to a network storage device. However, the physical environment will be held by third party, put it in other words, you are basically storing your personal data into other parties hosting storage.

Cloud storage is often to be seen in nowadays solution as we used Google Drive, DropBox, Mega etc to stored our data and files too.

Unlike NAS, we have to purchase storage capacity from our cloud storage hosting provider.

Learn more about backup solution with network storage and cloud storage here.

What Storage shall I chose/adopted? Network Storage Vs Cloud Storage

Before going into the topic, first of all let us clarify different types of storage.

There are three common types of storage model of use, which are

Public storage: Public storage is a storage that accessible by almost everyone. Ex. Google Drive, Azure, Amazon AWS.

Private storage: Usually host by company itself/private server, mainly provide for internal use, maintain hardware by IT department.

Hybrid Storage: Hybrid Storage combine both features for public storage and private storage. Each of the storage allocation are synced.

Each of the storage are playing well in their roles, you may purchase storage to fulfill your company business needs.

Enterprise NAS Storage

Price for enterprise NAS Storage are usually higher than normal NAS Storage. However, it had to support one company to store precious data such as CCTV recording, accounting document & files, history and many else.

What NAS Storage and Cloud Storage can’t perform?

Compared to server, we are strongly not recommended using a NAS storage as a server, by running software and website etc. NAS Storage is not heat resistible than any server. It main purpose is storing data and backup solution.

HPE Storage, what so strong about it?

HPE Storage is a part of NAS Storage, however it performance is much stronger and advanced among normal NAS storage we mentioned above.

HPE NAS Storage has several levels across its series. It had been classified as:

  1. HPE NAS Storage
  2. HPE SAN Storage
  3. HPE Nimble Storage
  4. HPE Primera Storage
  5. HPE Simplicity

HPE NAS Storage

HP NAS Storage is capable for having file share option for team/group work. Each team members are able to retrieve each other work file easily.

HPE SAN Storage

HPE SAN Storage is a combination of HPE Server and HPE Storage. It has advanced performance in order to support multi-features of server and storage. HPE SAN Storage are synced with server, which allow it always storing up to date data. HPE SAN Storage usually come with a monitoring software, which allow you to easily manage your server and storage by one single software, which will be installed directly in your PC.

HPE Nimble Storage

HPE Nimble Storages are slightly more professional storage compared to normal NAS Storage. It come with infosight function, which allow itself to perform checking and monitoring, including hardware and software issues.

Infosight function can come in handy by giving notification of warning while detecting potential hardware defect or software corrupted. It also helps to perform auto-correction for minor internal issues.

HPE Primera Storage

HPE Primera Storage is a high-end performance NAS Storage will support Big company and big business in order to allow their system run fluently.

HPE Simplicity

HPE Simplicity is the basic package of 2 in 1 hardware solution, which server + storage in one go. The Simplicity concept come with accelerate card, to boost out the Storage Performance.

Which steps to follow in order to ensure 100% backup data?

We have an article about backup solution with NAS Storage and Cloud Storage, if you wish to learn more about backup solution with NAS Storage and Cloud Storage, you may visit the article here.

In conclusion, the main purpose of NAS Storage and Cloud Storage are used for backup your data in order to maintaining fluent business process. The main different of NAS Storage and Cloud Storage are hosting in local network (intranet access) and hosting to public (internet access).

Feeling to learn more about NAS Storage and Cloud Storage? Contact us now to arrange a free consultation services!