How to check out mobile license in Sage UBS

The recent government measures to control the spread of the Coronavirus has limited working from the office to only essential sectors and services. Working from home will continue as the default mode of operation.

Sage UBS allow their customer to easy access their software from home by extending the mobile license check out period to 31 December 2021 (only for those user have a valid Sage Cover). Which means that once you check out your Sage UBS license today, you need not to travel back and forth to check in check out the license. You will only need to check out once, and it will expired on 31 December 2021.

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However, there is no software update for the above modification. User can check out your mobile license as normal.

How to check out Sage UBS mobile license?

Sage UBS mobile license provides the convenience for user to continue working with the system during work from home period.

With Sage UBS mobile license, user can check out 1 user license from the host PC and then save the mobile license file in USB or a pendrive. Bring back home and install in personal PC. In previous, mobile license only work for 14 days, however nowadays mobile license period had been extended to 31 December 2021.

In order to check out Sage UBS mobile license, one user must have:

  1. Install Sage UBS successfully
  2. Activate Sage UBS license
  3. Active Internet connection

Before we proceed, first of all, go to your host PC, perform check out mobile license.

Go to Sage UBS license wizard by clicking the manage license button in the Select Company screen.

Select either Accounting or Inventory on the left panel, then click on the License Wizard button on your bottom right.

A new pop out window will appear, under Mobile License, select I would like to check-out mobile license, and then click Next button to proceed.

Enter the information, the duration can be extended to 31 December 2021, and then click Next button to proceed.

The mobile license will be generated to the default file location (if you didn’t change Generate Mobile License Key File To from step before).

Copy the mobile license from the file location stated to your USB, bring back from office for latter installation use.

How to Install Sage UBS Mobile License

In your personal PC at home, click the “i” icon in the Sage UBS login screen, after that go for Mobile License.

After that, insert your USB with Sage UBS mobile license file (that you copy in the previous step) click on Browse button to select the new mobile license file. Click OK button to proceed.

When the mobile license is successfully installed, the following window pop-up will be shown. Click OK button to proceed.

Sage UBS program will be close and you just need to reopen to program will do. Enjoy your Sage UBS work from home!

Having trouble for checking out Sage UBS mobile license? Contact us for help!

PSU 4.0 Subsidy Apply Guide

In 1 August 2021, Malaysia government had announced the new version of subsidy apply guide, which is PSU 4.0, each Malaysia companies that entitled to the requirement can be applied for this claim.

How to Apply PSU 4.0?

At first, you should visit

And then go for PERMOHONAN PSU 4.0

It will lead you to chose your company activity, once you have selected the company activity, you may proceed to search for it.

After you search out your company activity, it will prompt out a list of activity related to the keyword you typed. Select the one that suit to describe your company business model.

Move on proceeding, you will be informed to select whether you had been applied for any PSU before.

Once you filled with PSU, the rest of the bottom table will available for filling.

Fill in your PSU number which used for PSU 1.0 / PSU 2.0 / PSU 3.0 before.

And the next step, fill in the email address that you used for applying for previous PSU.

Check with you field, make sure all of the inserted field is correct before proceeding.

During MCO movement everybody is struggling for survival, we hope that company in Malaysia can get over with the current situation and recover to the previous status soon. Let’s stay at home and stay safe from the virus.