Sage Business Cloud Accounting That Solve Everything Online

Sage Business Cloud Accounting – a real digitalize software that solve everything online

During the past years, many traditional company struggling for transforming their business from paperwork to paperless. Well it can be included many reasons such as financial issues and adaption issues. However, Covid-19, the virus that dominates the whole world play an important role, by applying social distancing in Malaysia, that forcing some of the business to shift their current form and methods.

At, first some position seems to be easily deal with the concept of work from home such as programmers. These people can work remotely with the connection of internet however, the luck was not fall on accountant side. Every business, whenever small or big ones, have their own transaction, documents, invoice and such, well the problem is, paper.

Here comes a question from traditional company, how am I able to let my accountant work from home, without all those paper? (Well, an accountant can bring all those paper from company to his/her home, if he/she willing to do that) How am I able to update new transaction to my accountant? Nevertheless, there is only one solution suite for this circumstances, paperless.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting is an accounting software that developed by Sage, suitable for newly transforming company. The powerful cloud based software connected company, employee, and even customer anytime anywhere.

What is Sage Business Cloud Accounting being so powerful, that easily help these traditional company to succeed their transformation smoothly?

Let’s take a look at Sage Business Cloud Accounting.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting is a cloud-based accounting, which enable company to manage their documentation and business payments online, these features include price quote, estimates, statements and invoices. Moreover, Sage Business Cloud Accounting integrated with bank, allowing company owner is able to import bank transaction. A simple dashboard design that includes all information and allow company to easily update their current cash flow and pending payments.

So what have Sage Business Cloud Accounting provided?

  1. Simple Invoicing and Expenses

Management Recording company expenses and invoices has never been easier! A flexible accounting Software come with customisable professional invoices provide professional company image to impress it clients.

  • Customisable Personal Accounting Dashboard

Nothing is more important than knowing that your business is on the right track. With Sage Business Cloud Accounting software, company is able to customize its unique dashboards with its own preferences.

  • Managing Your Sage Accounting

Managing company accounts have never been simple. Sage Business Cloud Accounting helps companies to manage their accounts by adding fixed assets to its inventory.

  • Running Your Business like a Pro

For a company, grant its customer access to a whole new professional side of its business, as known as Customer Zone. Which enables one company’s customers to view invoices online, accept quotes and keep track of their purchase history between company.

  • Sage Business Cloud Accounting Mobile App

Access the product using Sage Business Cloud Accounting App for free on Apple and Android device. Sage Business Cloud Accounting App allows companies to easily record their quotations, invoices and expenses on the go.

  • Security That You Can Rely

The strong bank level security protocols enable company to store important information and documentation with Sage Business Cloud Accounting. Company is able to perform user access management and privilege.

  • Connect Sage Software With Your Bank

Bye Bye for re-keying payments and breeze through reconciliation routines by connecting Sage Business Cloud Accounting directly with company bank account. Watch each company transactions flow seamlessly into company accounts as a company can simply to confirm what transaction want to post or match.

  • Track Business Performance

Utilize the selection of reports to help company to keep track of its business performance. A company is able to use the budgets feature by comparing its budget vs actuals.

  • Save Processing Time

With all paperless working, a company is able to save its processing time by only reviewing the final output and reports.

Take a peek into Sage Business Cloud Accounting software.

Various of Customizable Template

Admin is able to manage their dashboard easily after logged in. There are a widely selection of customizable templates such as quotation, invoice, receipts, statements and many else.  

Manage Customer Tax Invoices

Sage Business Cloud Accounting is help a company to keep track a list of customer group by tax invoice. A company is able to update their transaction easily through this platform by clicking action on the right panel. Once a transaction is updated, the accounting software is able to check the status of that invoice, whether it is paid, overdue or partially paid.

View Customer Info

Company is able to sort their customer in a listing. Company is able to view customer details as follows.

A customer quick view, particulars, balance and recent transaction can be shown. Moreover, the sales history between a company and customer will be presented as a graph for easily monitoring and review.

Where to purchase Sage business Cloud Accounting Software?

You may purchase Sage Business Cloud Accounting Software through 012-7831357 (Mr Evan) and 07-3606666 (Ms Wani)

Hold on! You should try the accounting software first before you purchased it!

Here is how you get the free trail license key for Sage Business Cloud Accounting.

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Sage Business Cloud Accounting is a powerful paperless accounting software that allow traditional company to make their first move toward digitalization. Try now and go paperless!